Town of Leamington

Leamington  was named the best place to live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine. The city is situated on the beautiful north shore of Lake Erie in close affinity with Point Pelee National Park, a major site for migrating birds especially in spring. As such, it plays host to many birdwatchers from Canada, the United States and further afield from all around the world, especially in the peak  month of May. The region is also known for the migration of Monarch butterflies,  which congregate in the fall at Point Pelee before making their way  across Lake Erie on their route to winter quarters in central Mexico.Know as “the Tomato Capital” of Canada, the Leamington tourist information booth in the center of town is a large fiberglass tomato.  The town’s water tower, visible for miles in the flat southern Ontario  landscape, is also in the shape and color of a giant tomato.  Celebrating its position as an agricultural powerhouse and its heritage  as the H.J. Heinz Company’s center for processing “red goods,” the city  hosts a “Tomato Festival” each August, as a kickoff of the tomato  harvesting season. Car shows, beauty pageants, parades, and a fair are  features of the Festival.

Leamington’s position on the north shore of Lake Erie makes it an important recreational center. Leamington has a large and modern marina not far from several excellent restaurants and hotels/motels. Auto ferry and passenger/bicycle ferry boats run on a regularly-scheduled seasonal basis from Leamington to Pelee Island and to Sandusky, Ohio. Transportation around Leamington is offered by the Leamington Transit.

With all manner of services and activities in the Leaminton area, it’s no wonder why so many families continue to move to the area taking advantage of the many Real Estate opportunities that are available in the area.