Money Sense Magazine – Canada’s Best Places to Live 2012

Money Sense Magazine has just released it’s annual list of what it thinks are Canada’s best places to live. To determine their rankings, the publication “weighs and ranks 190 cities and towns in Canada by 22 separate categories, for a comprehensive data-driven snapshot of the benefits and drawbacks of our urban communities in Canada”.

In 2006, Leamington gained a bit of notoriety by being ranked number 1 on this list. The methodology used has changed over the years though. More communities have been added to the list and the criteria for determining the ranking has been altered. This year, Leamington ranks 111th while Windsor ranks 84th. Areas Leamington scored lower on were doctors/1,000 residents and culture.

There were several categories in which Leamington scored very highly on however. In terms of being a safe community to live in, Leamington was ranked 15th overall. Also, in terms of weather, Leamington was ranked 13th overall. It also landed in the top 50 for housing affordability and the ability to walk/bike to work.

At the end of the day, this list is an interesting exercise designed to compare and contrast a number of municipalities across Canada based on what Money Sense Magazine feels are a broad range of empirical variables. These numbers though should be taken with a large grain of salt. Have things changed that much in Leamington relative to other municipalities that our ranking should fall to 111th? Probably not. Does it show that there are areas we can improve upon?  For sure.  We’d all like to see more doctors in the area. We can though take solace in the fact that it’s March 20th and it might hit 24 degrees today. We really do have great weather!